Welcome to the wonderful world of burnouts. This web page is dedicated to the modern miracle when the vulcanized rubber breaks loose from the pavement and spews smoke, screaches, and lays rubber. This phenomeonon is more commonly referred to as the burnout.

Man has searched for many years for better ways to lay rubber. Ancient Egyptians would harness the power of Goodyearis, the god of burnouts. Many young virgins were sacrificed to please this god. Later, Mediviel man would meet off in contests where they tried to squeal the wooden tires on ye olde wagon. Finally, the 1900's arrived. Soon man became the master of burnouts. We had finally taken control over this wonder.

Some would argue that burnouts are reckless, dangerous, and stupid. Poor misguided fools in rice burners. Burnouts are anything but the above. Burnouts are cool. They are exciting. They are family events. Nothing brings a family together than smoking the tires in the grocery getter.

And now I bring you a web page dedicated solely to the burnout. Hopefully, over time, people will realize the quality of such work, and contribute a little of their own miracles. I will gladly post pictures, stories, and comments about burnouts. And not just muscle cars. I would love to see someone in a Ford Escort lighting up the tires, or someone in a Geo Metro laying duals (but this was not meant to be). So take a look around, have fun, and return to see my updates.



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